About Us

Our Mission

To Our Customers

The singular focus at Simplis is to provide YOU with the simplest, quickest and most flexible way to purchase life insurance, because:

  • You need affordable quality.
  • You want the best options.
  • Your time is valuable.

Simplis will always respect your needs, your wishes and your time.


To Our Team

Happiness is contagious! We are dedicated to a friendly, clean and creative workplace where everyone has ample opportunity for growth. We are equally dedicated in providing access to the highest levels of professional training for our team members.


To Our Community

Our community is our partner! We pride ourselves in our living environment. And we are committed to making our community proud of us.


Why Simplis Life

A New Approach

Simplis was founded on one simple principle:  Empowerment.

Research has uncovered some interesting challenges that consumers face when purchasing life insurance:

  • Many people feel uncomfortable with the sales process.
  • Effective tools are not available to the public.
  • Traditional underwriting processes can be invasive.

These realities often discourage consumers.  However, there is now another way.
Simplis has developed robust, yet simple online tools.  These tools empower you to build the best policy and start the application process from anywhere, at any time.  Simplis works with more than 20 life insurance companies and their partners to bring you a new and improved experience.

Life simplified with Simplis Life!


“Great experience. Highly recommended.”  

– Sean (Ogden, UT)


“Their website was simple to use and the agent easy to work with. Now, at age 50, my premium is down to an amazing rate! I highly recommend Simplis Life.”  

– Dale S. (Lakewood, CO)