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Generally, if you are in good health and do not take a prescription medication, you may receive a preferred rating. Your chosen life insurance company will always offer the best rate possible for your situation.

of Premium

Return of Premium term life insurance guarantees the return of your paid premium at the end of your policy term, if the insured is still living. The return of premium is not subject to federal income tax.

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We may be able to save you a bit more—some providers offer lower rates to customers who use tobacco products other than cigarettes and vape tobacco.

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Tip: Uncertain about your health rating? Your life insurance provider is required to offer you the best rate possible based upon the information collected. Your selected “Health Rating” is not required to be accurate for your quote. Your life insurance provider will determine an accurate rate for you and make you an offer. Please select the health rating which you believe most accurately describes your current health.

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